Personal Photos

…photography is all right if you don’t mind looking at the world from the point of view of a paralysed cyclops—for a split second.

—David Hockney (1937– )

The people pix

Dean on the Jungfrauhoch, Switzerland—1997
Emily and Dean at high school reunion—2003
Emily and Dean in Castel Gandolfo, Italy—2004

The cat pix

Maizy (2012–  )
The late Leo (2001–2012)
The late Buster (1995–2002)
The late Motley (1978–1995)

The historical pix

John Wilbert Crocker family, ca. 1936
Joseph Brevard Potts family, ca. 1930
The J. B. Potts homestead, Paucaunla, Indian Territory
John Boone Applegate family, ca. 1890
Jemima Crocker and James Crocker, ca. 1880

The tourist pix

The Charles Bridge, Prague, Czech Republic
Čestý Krumlov, Czech Republic
Overview of Salzburg, Austria
Fontaine des innocents, Paris, France
The basic photo of Notre Dame de Paris
Standing stones, Avesbury, England
The Opera, Sydney, Australia