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Standing at the Jungfrauhoch

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Jungfrauhoch (Switzerland)

Mountain climbing by train: deinitely my kind of oxygen deprivation! Traveling from Interlaken, the excellent Swiss train travels through another mountain before emerging at the highest train station in Europe: 3454m (that’s well over 2 miles for us can’t-count-by-ten Americans).

For those who don’t wish to be outside after going almost-up a mountain, there is a large poster inside the nearby building that looks a great deal like this. However, this picture was actually taken outside and the big hunk of rock in the background is the real thing. The weather that day was remarkably pleasant and I enjoyed walking around outside. People told me I could see Italy: I was fairly certain I could actually see my house!

Among other attractions, there is a restaurant in that building. I recommend it highly, but please keep in mind what a pot of fondue and a bottle or two of wine will do at an altitude more than twice that of Denver…