KEMP, Joel I.

Birth Name KEMP, Joel I. [1] [2] [3]
Gender male
Age at Death 55 years, 5 months, 4 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 1819 MS  
Death 1874-06-05 Kemp, Bryan Co., OK  
Burial   Kemp Ferry Cemetery, Bryan Co., OK  
Occupation     Ferry Operator; Chickasaw Nat'l Treasurer; member, Chickasaw Legislature


Father KEMP, Levi
Mother FRAZIER, Polly
  1. KEMP, Elizabeth
  2. KEMP, Jackson
  3. KEMP, Visey
  4. KEMP, Elisa
  5. KEMP, William
  6. KEMP, John
  7. KEMP, Rhoda
  8. KEMP, Sarkeetan
  9. KEMP, Evaline
  10. KEMP, Annica


Married Wife COLBERT, Mariah
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage   Doaksville, Towson Co., OK  
  1. KEMP, Simon Burney
  2. KEMP, Mary Jane
  3. KEMP, Frances Elizabeth
  4. KEMP, Joel Carr
  5. KEMP, Isabella Abigail
  6. KEMP, Laura A.
  7. KEMP, Levi
  8. KEMP, Lillie
  9. KEMP, Daisy
  10. KEMP, Charity
Married Wife O'NEAL, Cassandra Francis
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage after 1867    
  1. KEMP, [Living]


In an interview in 1937 - see - Frances Elizabeth said her parents had "ten children, six growing to maturity. We moved to Panola County, about 1852, near Red River which was later known as Kemp Ferry Place. Later built at same place a two-story log house with two rooms and two side-rooms with a hall between, two rooms upstairs, front porch 40 feet long. The house still stands and the logs are as firm as when put there in 1857. The old family graveyard is 300 yards from the house. My mother and father, with two of my brothers and four sisters, are buried there."
You can find Viki Anderson's short biography of Joel I. Kemp at

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  1. KEMP, Levi
    1. FRAZIER, Polly
      1. KEMP, Elizabeth
      2. KEMP, Jackson
      3. KEMP, Joel I.
        1. COLBERT, Mariah
          1. KEMP, Lillie
          2. KEMP, Daisy
          3. KEMP, Levi
          4. KEMP, Simon Burney
          5. KEMP, Mary Jane
          6. KEMP, Frances Elizabeth
          7. KEMP, Joel Carr
          8. KEMP, Isabella Abigail
          9. KEMP, Laura A.
          10. KEMP, Charity
        2. O'NEAL, Cassandra Francis
          1. KEMP, [Living]
      4. KEMP, Visey
      5. KEMP, Elisa
      6. KEMP, William
      7. KEMP, John
      8. KEMP, Rhoda
      9. KEMP, Sarkeetan
      10. KEMP, Evaline
      11. KEMP, Annica