Greetings for Christmas, 2000

A charming bit of holiday drivel

Copyright © 2000 Dean Crocker All Rights Reserved

Last we saw you? Been a while now:
What you up to? Wish our snowplow
Worked. It's cold. Our habitat? A
Snowy, arctic avenue.

With the new year now upon us,
You could give us a big bonus:
We'd like mail with lots of data
Since we rarely rendezvous.

Hope that you can keep advancin',
Even if you take a chance an'
End up in some lousy cata-
Strophic job that makes you blue.

May your votes be always counted
And your problems all surmounted
While you pick up all the status
Your career is truly due.

Merry Christmas! Happy New Year!
Hope that Santa and his reindeer
Hold you in the timeless strato-
Spheric love that we do you.