A Little Hymn for 2006

To be sung to the tune ST. DENIO

Copyright © 2006 Dean Crocker All Rights Reserved

Immoral, illegal and ethically vague,
George Bush should find justice on trial in The Hague.
Decider, Uniter, Commander-in-chief?
Excuse us if we express our disbelief.

He counts on our walking around in a daze,
Consumed by the awful World Trade Center blaze,
Ignoring his misunderstanding of law
And blaming it all on Bill from Arkansas.

Those people who hate us for our liberty?
We call them Republicans in this country.
Our rights, like the Pentagon, go up in smoke
And they approve torture! What is this, a joke?

Their acts are at war against the commonweal
And now here's another election to steal.
With "Homeland" a stand-in for "Vaterland" now,
We need you to help us prevent it somehow.

The lesser of evils is what we must choose,
Sidestepping the Christians and Muslims and Jews.
Just vote Democratic this once and you'll know
You kept us from turning into Idaho.