This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of HOLLAND. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Name Birth Death Partner
[Living]     ASHMORE, [Living]
[Living]     MCDERMOTT, [Living]
[Living]     ?, [Living] , GAMBINA?, [Living]
[Living]     MOORE, [Living]
[Living]     GARRETT, [Living]
[Living]     RUSSELL, [Living]
[Living]     NAYLOR, [Living]
[Living]     GLENN, [Living]
[Living]     HARDISTY, [Living]
[Living]     CLARK, [Living]
Albert Ellis 1907-01-22 1907-04-16  
Beckie     SHAW, [Unknown]
Betty     WILLIAMS, [Unknown]
Byrd Blanche 1899-01-31 1982-12-29 BONNETTE, Virgil
David Crockett 1901-07-14 1991 STOWERS, Hattie
Donald Kyle about 1927 about 1930  
Dora     WALKER, [Unknown]
Dovie Louise 1915-03-24 1992-09-21 WILLMON, [Unknown] , ARKANSAS, Able
Ellis Albert 1824-10-15 1879-10-05 ?, [Unknown]
Fannie     BRISCOE, [Unknown]
Fannie Alice 1891-10-29 ABBOTT, Will
James Harvey 1851-06-03 1927-03-11 CHAFFIN, Nannie Jane , HARVEY, Dovie Belle , GRINSLADE, [Living]
James Harvey, Jr. 1895-09-27 1977-06-25 LEMON, Mary Kyle
Jeff R.     MCBRIDE, Harriet Athenius
John     WARDER, Emma Irene
Kathryn Jane 1915-10-18 2004-07-12 KING, [Living]
Lena Rivers 1888-09-16 1889-10-13  
Lola Ray 1888-09-16 1967-04-13 POTTS, William Franklin
Maggie     WITCHER, [Unknown]
Marion Inge 1886-01-06 1960 LEMON, Melissa Frances
Mary Velma Wells 1897-07-05 1976-07-07 BARNHILL, [Unknown] , GRINSLADE, [Unknown] , LYDICK, Steve , LEMON, Robert Emery
Mattie     FLEMING, [Unknown]
Millard C. 1916-09-09 1984-03-13 CAMBRON, Veta M.
Millard Carver 1893-11-06 1969-10-23 MCKINNEY, [Living] , WEBB, Cecil Pearl
Perry Leo 1912-02-06 1996-09-15 TATE, Ruby Kathleen
Ruthie Pearl 1905-04-15 1907-05-06  
Sarah     STOWE, Jarred
Stella 1881-09-07 1949-08-00 BARNETT, [Living]
Walter Bradford 1903-04-16 1971-12-23 BARNETT, Katie Lee
William Edward 1883-09-21 1956-06-03 TURNBULL, [Living]