This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of [NO SURNAME]. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Name Birth Death Partner
Ca He Ca   before 1830 DAVIDSON, John
Che-co-tah     BURRIS, John She-ya-la-che
Chow-Uh-Kah about 1769 1861 MCCOY, Daniel
Couchahoya   LOVE, Samuel
Eagle Wings     MARCHAND, Sehoy
Emahota about 1791 1873-09-25 LOVE, Thomas
Gu Uh Li Si     [NO SURNAME], Gua-Li-Uka
Gua-Li-Uka   [NO SURNAME], Gu Uh Li Si
Il-le-be     COLBERT, Wilson
Ish-Ta-Na-Ha     COLBERT, William
Ishtimmarharlechar     COLBERT, Levi
Itobiah about 1750   MCCOY, Sally
Kunnoyie   1838 COLBERT, William James Jr.
Lethe     STINNETT, William S.
Mintahoyo about 1780 after 1839 COLBERT, Levi
Na Hom Ti Mah 1780   CRAVATT, Jean
Ohomatah about 1835 before 1870 THOMPSON, James William
Oke-Lan-Na   1837 GUNN, Rhoda
Pecos   1863  
Peta Nokona   1860 PARKER, Cynthia Ann
Red Shoes     [NO SURNAME], Sehoy
Sehoy about 1680 [NO SURNAME], Taskegee
Sehoy     MONIAC, William Dixon , WEATHERFORD, Charles , TATE, John
Sehoy about 1702 MARCHAND de Courtel, Jean Baptiste , [NO SURNAME], Red Shoes
Taskegee about 1680 [NO SURNAME], Sehoy
Temushharhoctay before 1780 COLBERT, Levi
Topasanah   1863  
Tuckabatche     MONIAC, John
Unknown     CHISHOLM, Ignatius