[NO SURNAME], Emahota

Birth Name [NO SURNAME], Emahota [1]
Birth Name [NO SURNAME], Homahota
Birth Name [NO SURNAME], Mehota
Birth Name [NO SURNAME], Imahota
Gender female
Age at Death about 82 years, 8 months, 24 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth about 1791    
Death 1873-09-25 Burneyville, Love Co., OK  
Burial   “The Indian cemetery,” Burneyville, OK  


Married Husband LOVE, Thomas
  1. LOVE, Nancy Mahota
  2. LOVE, Lucinda
  3. LOVE, Robert Howard
  4. LOVE, Samuel
  5. LOVE, Sally
  6. LOVE, William


House of I-tok-alba [M. K. Garland, Chickasaw Loves and Allied Families]

In a letter dated May 19, 1975, Louise Colbert Taylor Crews states that her great-great-great grandmother, Imahota, "was captured by the Chickasaws during a fight with another tribe when she was seven years old, and became the wife of my great, great, great grandfather Thomas Love."

Source References

  1. Chickasaw Loves and Allied Families


    1. [NO SURNAME], Emahota
      1. LOVE, Thomas
        1. LOVE, Robert Howard
        2. LOVE, Samuel
        3. LOVE, William
        4. LOVE, Sally
        5. LOVE, Nancy Mahota
        6. LOVE, Lucinda