This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of COFFEY. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Name Birth Death Partner
[Living]     BABER, [Living]
[Living]     WILKERSON, [Living]
[Living]     KENNEDY, [Living]
[Living]     MASTERSON, [Living] , ?, [Living]
[Living]     ?, [Living]
[Living]     ?, [Living]
[Living]     CANNON, [Living]
[Living]     LANE, [Living]
[Living]     STOGSDILL, [Living]
Anderson Wolford about 1887 1926-05-00 CARROLL, Louella
Catherine     WALKER, [Unknown]
Charles Belden 1890-09-13 1943-12-03 MATTHEWS, [Living]
Cleo Ernestine     RICHARDS, Albert Ray , JONES, Warren
Ernest Wilson 1882-10-10 1943-06-16 CANNON, Ninnie
Hillary about 1863 before 1898 SEALY, [Living] , FLEETWOOD, Ellen May
Ivy Jerome    
James Glenn      
Jewell   1939 BIGBIE, [Unknown]
Leo W.     ?, Irene
Leona     SANDERS, [Unknown]
Mary F.     KINNEY, Charles
Merritt Price about 1879 1943-03-15 BYRD, [Living]
Milton Wolford 1846-01-26 LEWIS, [Living]
Myrtle Gayle     HERNDON, Elwood
Nathan   1859 LOVE, Charlotte
Taylor Otis 1873 1924  
Walter Jerome