Author Birch, Roy
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Abbreviation BirchTree


As of June, 2005, this database seems to have disappeared in the universal bit bucket. Possibly, it has been replaced by Roy Birch's "Birch-2005" at

As of this writing, Birch-2005 contains an amazing 219.590 entries and I am certainly *not* going to dig through it to see if it's all redundant to my earlier sources -- but YOU can!


  1. ALLEN, Georgiana
  2. BROWN, William P.
  3. COFFEE, Thomas Jefferson
  4. COLBERT, Charlotte
  5. COLBERT, Cornwallis
  6. COLBERT, Harley Eugene
  7. COLBERT, James Eden
  8. COLBERT, James Logan
  9. COLBERT, Letta
  10. COLBERT, Mary
  11. CRINER, [Infant]
  12. CRINER, John
  13. GAINES, Mary Eliza
  14. GRANT, Calvin Jackson
  15. HOLDER, Ardie
  16. LOVE, Lidda
  17. MOORE, Daisy
  18. POUND, William T.
  19. RUDCZINSKI, Katinka
  20. STEED, John T.
  21. STEWART, Benjamin M.
  22. TUSSY, Lucy Lee
  23. TUSSY, Mary Elizabeth