RYAN, Elsie

Birth Name RYAN, Elsie [1]
Gender female


Married Husband APPLEGATE, George Thomas
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage 1921-09-10    
  1. APPLEGATE, Bonnie
  2. APPLEGATE, Gladys Yvonna
  3. APPLEGATE, [Living]
  4. APPLEGATE, [Living]
  5. APPLEGATE, [Living]

Source References

  1. Progeny of John Jackson Kinney and Associated Names, The


    1. RYAN, Elsie
      1. APPLEGATE, George Thomas
        1. APPLEGATE, [Living]
        2. APPLEGATE, [Living]
        3. APPLEGATE, [Living]
        4. APPLEGATE, Gladys Yvonna
        5. APPLEGATE, Bonnie