MACKINNEY, John William

Birth Name MACKINNEY, John William [1]
Gender male


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 1810-06-24 Ireland  


Married Wife ?, [Unknown]
  1. MACKINNEY, William
  2. KINNEY, John Jackson


Kinney, Lola B. & Angress E.: The Progeny of John Jackson Kinney and Associated Names (1991) states <blockquote>(B)rothers John and William stole money from their father and left their home in Ireland and came to New York.... There they became separated and to our knowledge never saw each other again. From material I've collected, John came to Ohio, then later to Kentucky.</blockquote>

Source References

  1. Progeny of John Jackson Kinney and Associated Names, The


    1. MACKINNEY, John William
      1. ?, [Unknown]
        1. KINNEY, John Jackson
        2. MACKINNEY, William