Epworth, Lewis Co., KY

City Epworth
County Lewis
State/ Province Kentucky


I have seen references to "Epreath" in Lewis County. I am certain this refers to the community of Epworth, which I have heard older people in the area consistantly pronounce as "EP-ruhth."


  1. APPLEGATE, Alice Mae
  2. APPLEGATE, Baby Boy
  3. APPLEGATE, Elizabeth
  4. APPLEGATE, Herman Edgar
  5. APPLEGATE, Nelson Burgess
  6. APPLEGATE, Raymond
  7. APPLEGATE, Robert
  8. APPLEGATE, Steven M.
  9. APPLEGATE, Wilma Jean
  10. BURRISS, William A.
  11. HARDYMAN, Clarence Marshall
  12. HARDYMON, Armenta
  13. HARDYMON, Callie Jewel
  14. HARDYMON, Carrie Belle
  15. HARDYMON, Elizabeth
  16. HARDYMON, James Franklin
  17. HARDYMON, John Will
  18. PLUMMER, Grover Cleveland
  19. PLUMMER, Jeremiah
  20. PLUMMER, Minnie Mae
  21. PLUMMER, Orlander
  22. PLUMMER, Sarah
  23. WALLINGFORD, Lora King
  24. WALLINGFORD, Pierce W.